Who Is Snack World

Snackworld is a brand of SRS. SRS started its business as a moderate importing and wholesaling operation. Today, the word unity is what SRS means. All the employees of the company derive their inspiration through the very name and work together in perfect harmony for its growth and prosperity.

This unity is not confined to the company only, but also prevails among its numerous suppliers who, through their long association, appreciate the company’s effort to bring the best products from various parts of the world in to Australia under one banner.

We believe if you create a great product, there will be a great demand! Our Australian snacks and sweets distribution network is predominantly focused in the main stream market and route trade market throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our company is also associated with an aggressive merchandising team and each products line is being monitored constantly at store level. We deal in all kinds of confectioneries, snack food and other grocery items.Our proven experience made us specialists in the line of confectionery and snack food products.

Welcome To Snackworld!

Here at Snack World we strive to bring you the best possible snacking experience. We carefully select all of our high quality refined ingredients and manufacture with exotic flavours packaging all of our products right here in Australia.

Our extensive list of gluten free snacks, natural colours and no artificial flavours includes: Twisteroos, Cheese Gems, Onion Rings, Burger Loops and Vegy Crackers. All Snackworld brand snacks are cooked and processed by high oliec sunflower oil and rice brand oil and are proudly 100% Australian-made! Want to experience our authentic recipes and extensive product range?

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